Thursday, January 7, 2010

painful yet joyful

yesterday's occasion is really what i would call a spontaneous decision. it was really uncalled for when we suddenly had to decide whether to go ice skating or not in just less than 5 minutes.

and it had already way past noon.

however, considering the circumstance(it originally is a promise we made and there was no any other day), it apparently didn't allow us to say 'no'. so, in a rush, we had to get there at least by 5.

and as all 'janji melayu' would be, we only arrived at the promised place when it had passed 6-not entirely our fault, it's majorly the ktm which fail to arrive punctually and to wait for it alone cost us more than an hour. so, when we entered the ice rink, it was nearly half past six. we merely had about an hour and half left to enjoy ourselves. nevertheless, what happened more or less managed to leave a constant smile on my face. i can't stop laughing and a lil bit agitated too, when someone said it was his first time yet he skates like a pro. grrr. but a lot of thanks to Hirai who taught me a bit when i struggled to get my grip, it was only my 2nd time and what more the ice rink was wet and not as smooth as a lot of people were on it.

and suddenly, i fell. okay, this might be trivial as that was for how many times, i don't even know. the thing is, for that one time, i couldn't get up on my feet. owww, that was hurtful! it was really embarrassing, so i just put up a strong face while getting help from one of my kouhai who was present at the scene. to have a sprained ankle in the middle of having fun is really unpleasant. so, quite reluctantly i had to stop and be a benchwarmer until the others finished. they certainly do know how to enjoy in others' adversity.

so, once everyone was already over, we went to the next agenda. MAKAN2!!! hahaha, i was completely famished after the whole day as what i had was only a bowl of muesli and a few bites of a bun i shared with my sis prior to going to skating. so, while persevering with this aching leg of mine, i dragged it after all to our restaurant of choice-my condition was only as long as it's not rice. well, at first, how kind of them to consider how limited our budget was and recommended jusco's food court. it just didn't seem a good one so we moved on to some place nearby, a pasta place. not bad but then, it's quite expensive. so they recommended one other place, pasta also, and i just agreed and went from the lowest floor to the top floor... only to find out the price was no different from the previous one. maa ii ka, more walking would only hurt more so i guess it's better to just settle there. now i appreciate the escalators more...

and who says i don't like green tea?

well, thanks to them, we had quite a feast. to have good food definitely equals to happiness. just that it comes with a price. hahaha. nonetheless, i could forget the pain for a while when savoring the lamb-i just love this. but certainly, 'special green tea' is no special, they just add the sweetness which is such an unnecessary attempt. so when we'd like the normal one, when we expected a glass of it, a whole jug came!

well, last night was quite sleepless owing to the pain but the memories etched for the day overwhelmed all that.. thanks again to these wonderful people!!


Anonymous said...

having food = happiness??
so like you iman haha

rajin plak ko update blog skang

blog akunyer url dah tuka
just want to inform huhu

T said...

kenapa the girls lagi besar dar the boys ?