Thursday, January 14, 2010

my february wishlist *edited

hohoho, now we're already in the middle of january when we didn't realize it... and i haven't even gotten used to write 2010 in the date entry yet

so, for the coming month, there gotta be much things to be look forward to

like the EXAM for example

so my wishlist #1 is definitely making thru the exam safely and with ease, please ya allah, let all of us pass through this ordeal smoothly and next pave our way to nihon altogether without a hitch....

and wishlist #2 is...........

it's just tempting and alluring (though i pretty much know the whole contents of the dvd) but the offer that comes with its first press edition sure is seducing. and what more, when its original price is apparently 5800yen, i just found a place with a greater deal.

+++utterly irresistible+++

and carrying forward from my unattained list, wishlist #3 is  'Twenties Girls' by sophie kinsella. i know this is last year's but still, they haven't released the cheap paperback. so i have to hold until then.

and the next also goes to more novels (getting fired up after recently finished 'Nation' -such marvellous story, u just long for more)

in fact, when i checked as wiki.d-addict for the dorama for winter, there're surprisingly much that are adaptations  from manga:
  • Liar Game 2 (oops, this has run for several episodes already but yet to watch it)
  • Bloody Monday 2 (of coz, so looking forward to this, what more, flumpool sing for the ost again)
  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge (it got Kame so i dunno whether to watch or not)
  • Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER (i remember how much i love the original work n later somehow i accidentally bought the anime dvd with chinese subs :P)
  • Angel Bank (unexpectedly a spin-off from Dragon Zakura)
  • Tokujo Kabachi!!(Sakurai Sho and Maki star in this one, kinda interesting)
so, might this include in my wishlist? to be able to watch more doramas..... well, exam's over before february ends after all. ngehehehe

p/s: what got me hyped up more tonight is probably because i got to see such gorgeous image of ryuuta by chance. he really can make a living through modeling were music hasn't chosen him.

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ct.mashitah said...


ok2. so kita aminkanlah ur wishlist. iman, nak novel mlayu. :(

**nasib baik yg word verification ni bkn kanji. :))