Saturday, January 30, 2010

gakusei no minasan, zannen nagara....

maaa, that's how it is. seems like some our sensei will be leaving once the semester ends. probably gonna miss them a whole lot! for next sem, there'll be less of them remaining here. aaaa....

ok, while that would be happening for the month to come, what happened today excited me more!! to put it chronologically, 1st, kuga-sensei managed to surprise me! 

yeah, these boys never cease making me flail over them... thanks sensei, for being very thoughtful and keep this aside for me... i really appreciate it! while this may just be some trivial booklet from some shop, this means a lot to me :D (their gorgeousness is just soo irresistible) and it also serve as a nihongo benkyou for me! see, i'm not just doing some wasteful things here

moving on to the next one, today was pretty a big event for us (before robocon comes tomorrow, or more precisely hours away). after school, as we planned, we went to sunway for ecah's birthday!! and that was truly a feast we had. though i was quite disappointed when we failed to get a better seat, it was really satisfying-judging from how bloated i ended up. ok, i can't remember how much of those stuff goes down my stomach. be it prawns, mushrooms, squid, blabla, a bit of veggie, bowls and bowls of ice-cream topped by chocolate and biscuits, and glasses of drinks. i'm still bloated  up till now.

and, now my eyes have gone all droopy, cutting short the next part, we actually watch a horror movie afterwards.

it was really horror!!

not the ghost stuff, just human, ok with some exceptions for a few seconds, but it shows how human can be such a scary existence. to imagine i could be that scared, or more accurately in fear while watching it, we gripped each other's hands so hard for most of the scenes. just too afraid to see what happens next. i'm really glad i chose that movie after all, when the one we planned to watch initially was unavailable. can't believe there's no single advertisement for the movie at the cinema, not even a single poster. never even had i heard the of the title before, thank god there's gprs to see the synopsis on the website. oh yea, it was 'case 39'. highly recommended if you demand some adrenaline to go gushing out, and to get screaming at times. "why emily, why emily, why emily, why emily, why emily" remembering this would creep you out once you watched it.

today was a blast, so i'm hoping i at least could wake up on time for tomorrow's event. dunno what to expect actually. it's a event centering on our kouhai after all, so our presence does not matter much i guess.... but still, i'll be troubled were i to be late

so, last but not least.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ECAH!!! お誕生日おめでとう!!!!ずっと幸せになりますように~

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