Saturday, January 16, 2010



well, it's not precisely as what's written in the title [waiting in vain], but today, there were indeed a lot of  tremendous waiting....

today's saturday - no school

and for some reason, we still had to attend a supplementary class which is part of our co-curriculum perhaps, in which i chose to take gamelan. and after so long we were off, we resumed the lessons and to wake up early in such weekend is no doubt a tough task. so, like anyone could ever predict, there was no way it started accurately on time. we was late.

really late.

and it was all for some stupid reason in addition the the reason already stated. for the cute mini bus to suddenly stop in the middle of the highway is absolutely none in any of our calculations. yes. we were stranded amidst the busy road.

a recollection of the scene in that early morning, it's like little ducklings walking by the side of the lane, careful of the bolting cars that passed by. well, ducklings for i hope we'll metamorphose into grand beautiful swan one day. and one of these ugly ducks still has a leg that is yet to be fully healed. somehow, far from distraught, i did not feel a thing, more like i don't want to care anymore. bad me but it's not like i was eager in attending those lessons. thanks to petronas, they got a kiosk nearby the spot we're stranded, so we just headed there to wait for another bus to fetch us.

perhaps, that's a blessing in disguise. the kiosk had quite a celebration for what reason i'm not clear of. but there were free drinks distributed. hahaha, so funny to remember when my friend caught sight of the canopies, she instantly speculated someone hold a free 'makan2' and my feet suddenly dashed faster. stomach is always on top of anything... i ended up gulping 3 cups of the free drinks before pakcik tahir came to our rescue.

well, when i thought this morning was bad enough, worse came in the afternoon. as i had planned with lia, we were to watch 'the imaginarium of dr parnassus'(wiki here) at 3.30 at sunway. so, once we returned from our gamelan lesson, i immediately rushed to the ktm komuter. it was past 2 when i turn up at the station. the tickets are already booked which required me to take it 45 minutes before the show starts.

and i can't say how much komuter had failed me today putting me in such frustrations. ok, when i thought i just missed one train b4 arriving, i was quite down but it ktm sure knows how to make people exasperated. from when i start waiting, there were only several people at the station, but it was streamed to the burst when i had to push my way around to ensure i get on the train that first came. of coz there'll be that hell lot of people when it only arrived more than an hour later!

it was a hectic rush and what disappointed me the most was the fact i only got in the cinemas after more than half an hour the movie had run. and i have no idea how the story had gone, what characters were present, who, and where and whatever. what i know is that the actor is heath ledger(he's famous for being already deceased). not much help in figuring the story though. so i just went along, capturing bits and bits of the story, making my own assumptions as to how the story is. apparently, the main character, in some course of event which i missed, ended up being together with a troupe of street-side performers who calls their show 'the imaginarium of dr. parnassus'. well, this dr. parnassus is able to make someone as if entering another world thru a door present in their wagon(i don't know if that big thing is called wagon). this dr. parnassus is apparently immortal, and he had made a bargain with a devil which concerns his own daughter. and this mysterious man seems to have his own reason being there. so the story goes.

at times i'm impressed and fascinated, but not knowing the essence of it fail it after all. i can't really get the clue as to how the story develop and ended the way it did.

well, those frustrations more or less were gone with the wind once we munch on something delicious!

i hate ktm komuter

i love subway's sub.


p/s: krispy kreme is too sweet for chocolate-toothed me (i'm not quite sweet-toothed with exception to chocz)

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