Tuesday, March 3, 2009


the above title was supposed to be of days ago.... well, exam's over

well, since then a lot happened. in short:

during the last day of exam, i finally ate the snack i received from my dai-senpai at japan with my friends.THANK YOU, ARIGATOU! well, it tasted like rice snack, it is. my friend said it's like honey star. whatever.

so, once the exam's over. we went for a movie - geng!. i admit, that's the best local animation i've watched so far. the story was not bad too. i was quite entertained. "pashipashi" and "fikir masa depan!" was what i could not forget from the movie.

and of coz, when we go out, it's incomplete without the 'makan' time rite? and for this time, it was Carl's Jr. hahaha, a great choice. i mean, the money i paid was worth the food i received. gosh, it's like the most enormous burger i had ever munched on. nevertheless, for not wasting it, i finished it anyway - to my friend's surprise

and the following day was a kinda retreat with the alumni. yea, my stomach was still full with the burger and my heart was heavily reluctant to go, but i made a mistake by accidentally slept at Lia's house, so i went anyway. and guess what? IMAN DID FUTSAL! yea, this clueless Iman played after all. well, only 2 notorious games though and then i disappear somewhere else. :D

so, there starts my day of no school at TBP. what do i have here? songs, doramas and novels. yeah, these are the unread novels i intend to read for this holiday. total = 8 with average of 350pages per book (one's not in the picture). actually, there was a day when huda and I really got nothing to do, and we straight went to Subang Parade on a whim. had lunch worth the same as 5 of my usual lunches. and withdrew more money afterwards when i accidentally found a novel by Neil Gaiman. stayed at MPH until the light's off. hahaha. went through the rain in the dark night to catch the train.

okay, we do find our ways to kill time, that being among of them.

it seems i'm drown my world of J-musics and dorama at the time. hahaha, in contrary to my buddy who's so delighted she could indulge in her favourite bolloywood stuff out of my door. yeah, ironic isn;t it?


eD said...

Am interested in American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Be sure to write review on it. Cam menarik je.

snylo said...

oh man, that's like the thickest among them... i'm weak in thick books :P... so, sorry to say but i'm afraid there's still a long way b4 i could finish it... btw, i've read a miniscule part of it though, guess it takes time to resume, others just seem more appealing

zaty said...

hey there iman!missing you here,huhu
big thanks to daisenpai itu,sgt sdp cereal ny,huahua me w foooood~