Monday, March 9, 2009

an attempt to have a productive holiday

well, as the title goes, it just means, the past few weeks of no schools were just another passing days of time wasted...

hahaha, that's exactly what u get for not making any proper planning when the free time falls in your hands... talking bout seeking more time when you really need it but when those coveted time really comes to you, you don't know what to do with it...

and plenty or several things comes unexpected

instance 1: i learnt how grateful i am i always put the ceiling fan at speed 1. due to my own recklessness, i managed to get a small cut in my finger, when i tried to put up the blanket to cover the window and raised my hands so high the blade of the fan got my finger. there were blood but nothing to be worried. thank god.

instance 2: when you just so free with no tasks in hands, you don't bother to check anything of your belongings until the time demands it. okay, i just realized i do not possess my identity card anymore. the last time i sighted it was when i was sitting for my final exam and that was... 2 weeks ago? and it's not my first time losing it. such a hassle.

instance 3: the recent events resulted with lots of junk foods and chocolates in my possession thanks to the others who refuse them. as the consequence, i've been living on them. from when i woke up in the morning(or more frequently afternoon) till i slept in late night, i've been munching them all the time. i expected the abundant stock would last longer but it seems i managed to eat them much faster. the result > my bad pimples problems just got worse.... the so expensive skin-care product i've been using just coming to no effect it seems

so, i hope the coming days will go smoothly.... yeah, no fights, no misunderstanding, no self-condemnation, what more?

umm, and to my friends, happy holidays!!!!

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