Friday, March 27, 2009

teh ais itu tidak sedap

what an ungrateful girl i am (pertaining the above title)

well, i'm just saying the truth according to my taste bud.. never mind that

the thing is, i was expecting a better one, now that i've walked down to the shops and returned here all sweaty at noon... it's actually quite far and why the heck is my house up the hill, such a hassle in returning here..

perhaps, this might be a good exercise-for me that is, who seriosly lacking in it. and after the longg sleep i had that stretched over 12 hours.. hahaha

so, yesterday, i finally got a hold of my coveted magazine featuring my fav band, flumpool!!! i was all nikoniko(smiling) after having it in my hands.... of course i would, i missed the chance of buying it the 1st time i saw it and i regretted it much coz i lost my whole wallet afterwards, to think back, i would not be sad losing the wallet if i already posessed the mag by then... i'll still be smiling despite the loss(talking about hte ifs here).. hehehe

this just arouses my desire of getting a new denshijisho, i seriously wanna understand the whole article and interviews. it's so hard with the one i have now.. aarggh, just why did i have to drop my precious denshijisho b4 and ended up getting an older model one after that? i really regret that now....

back to the topic of the mag, aside from the feature article, the major counterpart was about other bands in japan which i barely knew... huhuhu... but i notice one thing, their male artists sure are beautiful! hahaha.. i really mean it, and i'm not even talking about the idols here, just normal bands who have the same passion in music but they're are simply good looking no matter how i look at them. or perhaps, their make-up artists are just so great to bring out the best look out af all of them... i don't particularly care but it really serves as eye-candies. well, when i'm listening to music, because it is 'listening', i'm only using my ears, duh~. okay, enough of my nonsense. -ciou-

just watched a movie at starmovie, 'premonition' starring sandra bullock and julian mcmahon(oh man, i love this hot guy in 'charmed'). i shed a tear. it's so heartwarming... i can't stop getting touched for stories like this.. a great movie after all..
now, waiting for the subs for the final episode of 'voice', um, another story revolving death... this theme always produces heartwarming stories i guess


zaty said...

iman nangis?!wahh xcaya nih,
btw,congrats on becoming the ultimate owner of that flumpool mag!hahaha


+yun+ said...

owh denshi jisho kamu jatuh yer?
huhuhu...siannye..sabar ek iman?

snylo said...

yer, sy sgt sedih... aaarrgh

xper2, nasib baik gambar2 itu cukup untuk memuaskan sy...