Friday, March 20, 2009

when everything's good is taken for granted..

in a sudden, i remember the seminar on gifted children we were made to attend some time ago....

when i was still innocent little child learning in school, i remember being called gifted or whatever, not that i mind, but it just felt to me that i'm no longer one now i'm reaching 19. i don't know, i dun seriously give a damn whether a person is smart or not, i'm so much pampered i dun see any difference on this matter. just why should i care for others. people say how lucky i am, now i'm in university owing to my intelligence. seriously, i don't think that is the case.

however, yeah, it's true indeed i managed to get a place thanks to my academic achievement previously. honestly speaking, i admit it was hard but i don't think i even gave my best though. it's pretty normal to even hear people i'm such a lazy bum, i didn't put much effort as i should but somehow i managed. so, is there really a difference in intelligence in people?

i read an article from my friend's blog ( and it got me thinking...

the key points i got from the article as to how they nurture their children from in carriage until the time of raising them up in order to be the top of everything are these:

-the food consumed by the mother and the child(lots of nuts, more on fish, salads, fruit-fruits eaten first b4 meal)
-no smoking environment
-the brain exercise done by mom and the child (doing math problems)
-music stimulation
-the encouragement to create
-emphasis on sports

these are how they create the environment that any child raised in it would be shining the most. when i compare it to mine, a lot are similar. the only thing that are void in mine are probably the music part and it was me who prefer not be involved in sports. i guess the magnificent part is this:

"Menurut saintis di Universiti Israel, siasatan menunjukkan nikotin dapat merosakkan sel utama pada otak manusia dan akan melekat pada genes, ini bermakna keturunan perokok bakal membawa generasi yang cacat otak (bodoh atau lembab). Suatu penemuan yang dahsyat ditemui oleh saintis yang mendalami bidang genes dan DNA"

my family and almost all of my relatives are non-smoker, even if there are, they know to go somewhere else to do that. even i hate it when i smell the smoke, i can't stand it when i'm near a smoker. thanks to that, my brain is saved from the horrible nicotine.

well, in the diet side, okay, i munch everything and a lot of them, but it's just normal in my family to have salads (which i found surprising later there are some others who don't), a lot of fruits, nuts and generous amount of dairy products. in education side, my parents could be said as avid readers to provide me the environment with bulks of books in my sight, and they encourage me in math as i quite love it. other than that, when i was little, instead of barbie, i got building blocks as my toys and i was free to make anything out of anything i could find in my house. even when in high school, we had this programme which require us to come up with something be it new inventions, research or art masterpiece.

at last, i could say what contribute to my so-called smart brain majorly comes from the environment.

the issue here is, why with so nicely-prepared environment, i seem not to use it for my good and waste it all away? i even got the feeling that even if i got that smart brain, i'm at fault at deteriorating it. supposedly with all these, i could perform better in whatever i'm doing now (in this case, i'm currently in that so special programme of JAD), alas i have this lackadaisical attitude and can hardly excel in the academic subject i'm taking, let alone the co-curricular as i doubt we even have it. i no longer enjoy doing those good stuff like i previously did. it has been so long that i last play with my imagination i could barely come up with new interesting stuff. i prefer to lay back and stay lax rather than making new adventures. i am no longer different from the unprivileged people out there. so, the problem here eventually lies within this pathetic self. i have everything prepared yet it just won't work unless my own self make a move.

i guess this is what they call when people take things for granted....

lailahailla anta subhanaka inni kuntu minna az-zolimin...

i know i've done damage towards myself, i know i'm in the wrong, please guide me back to the right path

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zaty said...

kn iman,,kita nih dh la masalah sket ngan distractions;hny kita tahu how we went through finals haritu,kuikuikui

klu iman jd nerd,for sure akan jd star bsr y'noe(^-^)"