Thursday, March 19, 2009

blog surfing

as i had cited before, it's not like i don't have things to do, it's just me who don't want to do them, so i'm bored...

so, when i'm bored, here's what i do:

in google blogsearch, i typed this: 'mrsm langkawi'

guess what, the result? so many (hahaha, i'm out of vocab here, otak lembap)

surprisingly, there are lots of blogs from my juniors, yeah, they got so much time to kill, huh? not only the newly spm-leavers, those who just managed to get in were abundant too.. so excited huh, those ppl... it's okay, it's not so bad over there, my 2 year experience was not that much to be proud of, but just be it. i could say, i'm glad to have been there at the very least...

and i noticed this, we certainly are creative in naming our batch, aren't we? here are those that i know:
batch 6 - seeckz(sorry if i spelled it wrong, seniors)
batch 7 - dynasty chi
batch 8(mine!!) - infineight
batch 9 - uninety
bath 10 - TENacious
whilst doing this, my friend suddenly pop up this question; "are you missing Langkawi?"

urrmmm, honestly i don't know. well, isn't it good at least now i remember it now coz in years to come, these memories will eventually fade. it's not like i don't cherish them, but it's just how we are, humans, we forget in time. what more, we don't even have a memento as in the yearbook to reminince our sweet moments later. am i wrong my friend? even now, if you ask me what i remember during my childhood years, i could hardly recollect anything beneficial. so, when i'm all grown up and have so many obligations to meet, do you expect me to remember my schoolyears, and it's so short, for god's sake.

um, the point here is, (how come, i've gone so far in that school's stuff), in one of the blogs i surfed through, one of them really intrigued me. i don't know who that is though, i doubt he's my senior from school though. i told ya, i randomly intrude people's blog. in one of the posts, he included a song from hirai ken. it's so nice. it reminds me of all the people i've met and how good it is that i've met them. so, here i dedicate this song for all these people who surely had made my life ever more colourful, whoever you are. especially my buddies from JAD, though it's a only a mere one year we've been together, you guys mean so much to me.

出会えた全てを悔やむ事だけは 決してしたくないから
If sometime we should separated apart...
I wont regret our meeting..

p/s: forgot to congratulate my high school teachers, they surely had worked hard. though i fear i would even forget ur names as time passes, my thanks would never cease. kore karamo ganbatte!!!

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