Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bersusah-susah dahulu, bersusah-susah kemudian

a quote from my sensei.

it's hard to admit but that just plausibly the way life works.

once you are over a hurdle, you're only going to find more ahead.

the only joy lies when u're over one but, for the next one, it'll be tougher....

only if there's no unexpected stuff comings or it's just you who did the little mistake

that could plunge you down into despair.....

well, we humans all have our little foibles.

today, i sat for my creative objects and technical drawing paper.
i could barely answer questions on creative object, no idea what to answer anyway, okay, i already accepted that, most other people were the same too

however, when the invigilator said, "okay, now put down your pencil down", i realized this,

a whole page of 5 questions of 5 sketches worth 20 marks were not yet answered on my answer sheets. frustratingly, i saw the invigilators took my answer sheets and question booklet which actually contains all 5 sketches i made roughly beforehand.

forgetfulness seems to be my fatal weak point.

whatever it is, after all this done, there'll be more.........................

ganbatte minna!!

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