Sunday, March 29, 2009

i was on MRT

okey, makes little sense with MRT here in malaysia coz we only have ktm and lrt.

nonetheless, it's not the transport MRT after all. i was meaning to use for its whole another meaning: MALAYSIAN RUBBER TIME (hehe, borrowed from "honk, if you're malaysian"). sensitive issue, anyone? honestly, if it were me, i'm quite, not quite just greatly bothered by this sorta thing. undeniably, it can be infuriating, ne? however, today, i might just had grouped myself with this kind of people who certainly don't have a sense in turning up on time.

yeah, i was late to the driving class. neboushiteshimatta. well, it had passed, what more can i say. gomen? so, today, for the 1st time, i sat in the driver seat. though it was only in circuit and in gear 1, i was quite excited. it moved safely, that one made me relieved somehow. go, go, red kancil!

and today too, i got to meet 2 of my ex-schoolmates!! i was so excited. so happy. well, for one of them, we previously planned to meet but failed so when i finally got to see her today, i was ecstatic. thankfully, she got this afternoon vacant and she immediately go out once i called her. well, for the other person, it was an unexpected meeting. sorry, i didn't recognize him at first and i was too engrossed in my novel. his appearance was somehow different too. never thought i would have friend that's in army. proud of him.

and as expected, izzati actually bought that ARASHI calendar that's just sooo expensive-for one heck of a calendar. like how i called her when i bought the magazine featuring flumpool, i received her call too when i was in sardine-packed commuter. happy for her!


zaty said...

akan beli gak
if ianya
btl x btl x?(^.<)"

reefqi said...

omedetou gozaimasu!!! haha~