Wednesday, March 11, 2009


okay, this post is just one of the places i could vent all the things crammed inside me, don't bother to read if you are only looking for interesting stuff in people's blogs, i've told ya in advance....

my food diary:

the day before yesterday, i had combo steak for my dinner and melon juice to complete the picture
yesterday, i ate several big apple doughnuts to suffice my dinner
today, my dinner was bakso which used up my remaining money, and all i had for the whole day precedingly was a plate of roti canai for breakfast and mcD apple pie+yoghurt drink for lunch.

okay, i might be contradictory to my own self who on the mission of boycotting the ruthless israel's supporters, but you might laugh at the reason i did so. it was 10 in the morning and i was in the middle of rows and rows of shop lots. and a sudden urge as the sign the nature doing its course come in. yeah, the purchase was done solely for the sake of the only available clean toilet i could use of the moment.

so, back to why my last dinner used the last bit of my money, it is due to what happened in the afternoon despite having just received quite a fair amount of money on that very morning. why i got the money? it was for paying the fine for losing my MyKad.

the fine for losing MyKad the 2nd time : RM200 (and RM10 surcharge for processing fee)
i got : RM160 (in my wallet was RM30+)
i paid : RM110 --->students get 50% discount (everyone, remember this!)

naturally, i went on with the idea i've been having that is to spend the rest of my day at kinokinuya

i'm glad i went there. i'm so pleased i got to see so many refreshing faces on the magz. i really mean it. there's actually a mag which is choked full of photos and infos on johnny's jrs. it was unwrapped so i get to flip from cover to the back. ahh~~ bishies all over. actually, there's another mag which instantly caught my eye the moment i arrived at the book shelf. it's featuring my favourite band, FLUMPOOL!!! i really really really really really want to read through it and sequently make it to my collection (i haven't actually collected anything yet though) but still i coveted it so much i almost at the verge of buying it when i realized, if i buy it, i won't have much money left. that's how expensive it is, just for one heck of a magazine.

so, i go round and round the whole suria klcc with no particular target or objective. i mean, i'm not there to buy anything nor do i have the needed material (money) to do that even if i desire to. with the 30kcal yoghurt drink i bought, i went for a stroll around the park, watching the overexcited kids playing under the drizzles of the miniature water park, watching an eager foreigner sunbathing under the malaysian sun in mid March, a couple so clingy to each other like they were sticked with glue while they are walking. i got a hold of the camera, the battery was already near dead i could not do much. little did i think of checking my bag again.

evening drew near, i finished a novel at the bookstore, and i knew i had to head home or more precise, the hostel. i thought of having steamed bun at home so i went again to where i bought the yoghurt drink to get another bottle of it (i'm getting such a predilection towards it) along with the bun and to the same counter again i went to pay. i slipped my hand inside the bag.

it wasn't there.

panic surged up but i could say nothing. though i just stared at the wallet in that morning hoping it won't be missing next. and it just simply did.
calling my dad was of no help.

it's nearly dusk i could not return by commuter even if by chance i had my reloaded touchngo in my pocket as it required me to pay for the cab later.

the other pocket was my phone and a one ringgit note + 20sen n 10sen coins.

the alternative: a bus from kl sentral that stops exactly in front of this residence complex.

an hour : how long i waited for U65 bus to arrive amidst the drizzles
a little bit less than an hour : how long i had tovstand in the bus from the beginning of the journey till i hopped out of the bus.
nearly half an hour on the bus : i chatted with a man whose voice was quite low this ear which is so hard on hearing could not quite catch

CONCLUSION+++that this messed up self could come out

  • things just like to be separate themselves from me. just how many times i've lost such important stuffs.
  • perhaps i'm just so bad i deserve all this
    cursings are bad
  • you should not refrain yourself from getting good food. coz either way, the money you saved might just gone any way it wants
  • i'm not sure i could be like japanese people who managed to be still for long intervals. even when sitting down, i'll be changing positions for like, every near 10 mins? what more when i'm standing
  • i'm so not compatible with people with low voice

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