Friday, March 13, 2009


the above picture justifies my title for today.....

well, after the whole predicament i've gone through, i got to feast on really delicious foods.. that's not entirely disappointing... who's gonna pull a long face, if there are lottttsss of prawns, lambs, squid, chicken, beef mounting the plate in front of her? hahaha, not me... not after having all that followed by 3 serving of ice-creams as the dessert.

now, i seem like a pure glutton..

never mind all that. the food was just the side attraction (but it feels like it's the main focus for me though). it was the lunch to celebrate our senpai's graduation. at last, they graduated after enduring 3 long years here. oh my, i have 2 yrs left to complete. the pre-grad lunch was fabulous. so many shows and performances. but i guess the one that attracted the most attention was after all ours. oww, this sounds like bragging. but, no offense, they really gave their best, no, i;m included too. it was performance consisted of choral speaking a bit of pantomime. it was entirely fascinating. the acting was really wonderful. if only i recorded all that, i'd love to see that again and again. it was full of laughter yet was so meaningful. the best part was probably the last message they relayed to our senpais and they replied energicatically.. i couldn't stop laughing.

so, that was what happened the day before yesterday.

for yesterday and today, it was all about moving my stuffs. we had to move houses, it was conceding the reshuffling of the houses. so, for the next sem onwards, i'll be in the same room as Lia!! i'm so ecstatic. we're of the same course and she's the type who studies and all (well , she's in the dean list, duh~~!) so, i hope the spirit diffuses into me as well. no more of these lackadaisical attitude of mine. it's like having a watch over me.. hahaha... now, i'm aching in parts of my body, not doing exercises for a long time really wears you out even after a few movements. my bad...

so, korekaramo, ganbare~~~!!!

happy holz!

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