Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i guess it's the poor communication skill we have here that makes everything so bothersome....

ok, enough of that, don't wanna remember all the unpleasant things

btw, i hope my friend had safely arrived at her home in sarawak after such a long wait and even prolonged by a slight mistake. it was nice having you here though i doubt i had given her such hospitality she deserved, i wish she found it pleasant to be here. anyway, it was surprising how we ended up riding on the boat at Mines. it was such a long time ago that i last rode it, when i was still elementary school, i guess. so nearly a decade had passed and only now i rode it again. kimochii ii.

and thanks to her too, i found a new wallet to replace my lost one. and also a new pair of earphones.

yeah, the outing to Mines was really enjoyable.. (though i was lethargic the whole day after, dun mind)

actually, i got lotss of things i could do and should do, it's just that i dun have the slightest desire to do them that i'm left with nothing else, i'm pathetically bored now... in this circumstance, what should i do??

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