Thursday, March 26, 2009

almost over?

yea, i'm the stupid here who can't benefit her time properly and now what? it's already near the end of march which also means the ending of my holiday is just around the corner..

it might be a bit early for this kind of post(can only say this sorta stuff if it's only an hour away from over is what my head says). but i could note down what i got so far:

i cooked fried rice-that is by using perencah nonetheless
choked full with shoujo manga's fantasy
my ears are full of j-music
tons of doramas
a bit of novels
having my properties lost-wallets and such
piled on weights
discovered nico nico douga
frequent reads on wikipedia
some dorama series came to their satisfying ends
rarely had mornings-always stuck glued to the bed until the afternoon <-bad girl

the moment i'm typing this, i actually have to wake up early morning tomorrow. screw me...

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