Monday, March 16, 2009


again, i slept pretty late n am writing for this instead of properly sleeping in my bed...

un, i woke up late after having a late nite last nite. and i was surprised by a message in my phone.

"salam, weh iman, ic ko de kt aku taw... (and blablablabla)"

i was like.... WHATTTT????

talking about my severe forgetfulness...... in this case, not only me

so, it resulted with me having to pay that exorbitant fine and losing my whole wallet afterwards... such a heavy price

well, i did not even feel the slightest bit of sleepiness once i was out of bed thanks to that.

so, today was just another day at home.. so trivial not worth of mentioning. well, i did intend to have a walk in the evening but the weather gave out warning and ceased all my intentions. my chance of a little exercise gone away. sorry Kinta, such a disappointment for you.

umm, back to reason as to why i woke up late, it was unexpected. it has been a while i've been away from nihongo but at the previous nite, i guess i really used up everything i could remember. i couldn't believe i could actually chat in nihongo for approx 2 hours... hahaha, quite a record. i'm glad i could still practise other than constant listening that seems useless as i tend to read the subtitles instead.

btw, i'm delighted to have found this PV of the new song from GReeeeN (one of my fav singers now):

though i had different image when listening to song many times over beforehand, i still like this video..

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zaty said...

xp iman,you enjoyed reading mags haritu kn?uhuhu psti ada hikmah ny tuh.btw,i saw the flumpool mag you told me.hahah didnt buy that though~

cool je okay?(^-^)"