Monday, November 30, 2009


i remembered somewhere in textbooks during my high school years, the number 19 an important number for certain people.. i guess it was something to do with 'ajaran sesat'

i guess my memories are still not that bad

considering i'm still 19

but it all felt so instantaneous...

oh yea, it's already the end of november, is mostly what i could think of now

being such a pathetic pessimist for a moment, i'm jittery for the exam is drawing near

anyway, thanks for the lot who made me happy today, i love you all!! and for the others too, i love you too! certainly it's like seiji once said in his blog "人間が産まれた日、自分で望んで産まれて来たのか、ただの運命のなのかはわからないけ

urm, my flumpool love is still far from ceasing :D

and now, presenting a quite explicit video :P but intentionally put here for the title really match the prominence of the moment


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