Sunday, November 22, 2009

crazy but extremely happy

today would probably be an unusually short post

gosh, i'm so damn tired

but still, here i am, glued to my notebook, straight after returning home

i'm loving you, my notebook

oh, so what i was actually trying to post today is just to express how ecstatic and contented i am today...

amidst the scurries and scuttles of having to study for this coming week's tests and completing the reports and all

certainly, i was in no circumstance to be hanging around while all the works remains untouched (okay, i did touch and took a peek, but only a bit) but then, i could hardly regret going out today

except the money matter, maa ii ka

hontouni tanoshikatta

arigatou izzati-chan, ryouta-kun, hirai-kun!!
(and also the other TAs who was together at Times Square today until the point where we entered cosmo's world)

hora, kowai to ittemo, dekitayone.......

yousuruni, TANOSHIKATTA~~~~!!!!

this made me remember the exhilaration i had when i went to genting last year

today was pretty close to that one

the only thing that was quite regrettable is the fact that i don't have a camera to capture those memorable moments

seeing their faces while taking those rides was priceless~~~

and the meal we had at the end of the day was quite satisfying too (money matters aside)

jaa, korekara, motto ganbareru ki ga suru

list to clear : jouhou shori test zairyou rikigaku test, nihongo test, butsuri jikken report, nihongo happyou slide (i forgot about this), and some more..... tomorrow's gamelan class mo ganbaru!!

again, ありがとう!!!!!!!!!!!!

looked like this eventually ended up long................


hudhud said...

eyt cek iman:P
jeleznyer!! nak itot gak but no money no jln2..nga3

td kuar mkn kfc jerk,tringin..
tu pon bwek den pokaiT_T
btw dh bli ur bufday purezento:p
jgn x jd kuar pulak mngu dpn..ti huda mrajuk:((

kiraina programmin nitsuite.. countin on u to help me^^

zaty said...

yayyy i had a great time too,,thanks to iman yg jd tour guide at first,,and those hilarious laughter we shared(dan pricelss expressions dr mrk,,gagaga)

but just when i reached home,,something zoosh-ed into my mind.HW!ughhhhh*panic alert*

you must be attentively mengetuk ngetuk gamelan at this hour.goodluck iman!!idk how you manage to get up so early*hehehe*

snylo said...

huda, okeh, zettaini isshoni dekakeyou!!!

i'm panic too now but it seems the other part of me still so complacent :P