Wednesday, November 4, 2009

of dreaded report and random curiosity

2 weeks ago we did quite an interesting experiment during chemistry lab class. we even used up all the time slotted for lab time.

and 14 days following that is the deadline for the very report.

certainly, being chased by the report in not a pleasant thing.

i'd rather read 2 weeks worth of kazuki's blog than a page of article concerning the topic of experiment. obviously, kazuki writes funny stuff while the latter certainly is not. and what more, being pelted by so much kanji i barely could read all the way are more than enough to make me turn my head away.

but still, the haunting deadline is coming to a close in any moment.


but, in the middle of searching for info for completing my report, the use of internet really made my eyes opened. now, i treasure the existence of wikipedia, i salute to whoever found the whole idea of creating it. or internet generally. thanks to it, i found all the needed stuff just by the clicks from my fingers. (lots of clicks)

and also lots of other random stuff. owing to my own curiosity.
  • love teh tarik and milo? it's certainly incomplete without the F&N assisting it rite? do u know that mostly those are just mere palm oil subtituting the milk squeezed from the cow? that's why u can only see 'sweetened creamer' stamped on the cans instead of 'sweetened milk'. malaysia with its wealth of palm oil..... well, they've even managed to make mozarella out of palm oil. the what and whys here and lil bit here

  • after cathode ray tube certainly has passed its time, lately, there was a heat of plasma tv, and followed by LCD tv. well none of both are in my posession though. but now, the latest 'in' thing is probably LED tv. after some research i'm quite confused with the usage of this two terms but generally there are those which backlight are of ccfl (do i get this rite?) and the later generation are backlighted by LED, much lower in power consumption i believe. so the new hot stuff is now how thin the tv those manufacturers are competing each other. imagine if u got 47-inch rectangle stuck to the wall like some poster but then there goes all your favourite movies to your eyes. samsung has widely marketed its recent finger-slim series (i love how they name it). well, if you visit the electrical appliances store, u can see it stand majestically as arrogant as its price :P but then, LG just announced its latest product in Korea named EyeQ. with only 23.3mm thickness, what makes it a thing to sought for is it remote control modeled after the Wii remote control. Rotating, shaking or wavy you can control your TV.
a life-size self photo frame?

but certainly, one will go outdo the others. though no specific release date is stated but samsung has announced a new series will be following the predecent 'fingerslim' with another catchy name such as 'needleslim'-certainly way thinner than your own breakfast bread slice at just 3mm. what's that?? info taken from here


akucun said...

i think there are lots of people who don't really care about what are the things in their me LOL
but..palm oil ka..

woa needleslim..
'tv industry' development is scary xD

snylo said...

the taste's different la, if u remember the teh tarik u drink when u were little...

yeah, tv is becoming scary but terrific, be it the tv itself or its price :P

i wonder why come people rake out so much money just for a damn tv