Thursday, November 19, 2009

nawaitu kena betul!!

the other day, i went for blood donation

for the first time.

ohh, it was quite, nothing actually. honestly, i hardly felt a thing along the process.

but then, after school when we had futsal, i got tired real fast though it haven't even passed one session of a game - a mere 5 minutes for each of them. to an extent i felt like collapsing on the spot.

luckily, i didn't.

especially when i remembered the numbers on the weighing scale upon the earlier process for blood donation.

umm, we got free juice, and biscuits. and a red book. never thought u would get medical privileges by donating own blood. if u wanna know what's that, get ur own red book.

"kita derma darah, tujuan cuma 1. dpt air kotak free!! nawaitu kena betul!! -a line of a joke from my friend

and today, i guess sleeping this late again gradually makes me a nocturnal creature.


and tomorrow, we had another experiment to conduct. apparently there would be observers too from higher ups. hope everything just go smoothly as usual. but i guess such hands-on activity won't make me sleepy as much.

urm, and the reason i'm staying up this late? completing the report that is due before this next experiment starts.

yatta!!!! (finally after hours of being glued to this notebook, i'm done, the fact is that i just started most of it only today)

oh, and tomorrow would also be our actual meeting with our sensei for enkaku jugyou(long-distance class)-forgot the subject's name XD. but then, i wonder how can i make use of this golden chance when i do not even understand the whole thing?? telecomunication technology and its wonders.... well, this one hasn't made me dread it as much as C language though. taking my hats off to those computer experts who find all these thing extremely easy to comprehend. just how did those hackers find it enjoyable??



akucun said...

never donated blood..i remember someone saying once you did it, you'll get addicted
sounds not true xD

snylo said...

no lar...

but it was indeed an interesting experience.. we did it inside the hall, so it was quite chilled, but then when i felt the tube that got my blood flowing out, it was warm, yappari, i'm alive