Thursday, November 12, 2009

shiawase da yo

our kitchen's now back into action!! this was taken at the beginning of the week. truly, we love milk and all. today only 2 of those left at our drinks parlour

oh yeah!! believe it or not, 2 fishes at rm 2.90!!

but, above all, what makes me grinning all day would be because of the following..

it has finally arrived today!!!!!!! looks delicious though, i mean it, it has the exact same hue as the real deal... oh my, i'm afraid i'm going to bite it for real mistaking it to be a big bar of cadbury's dairy milk XP

definitely, this would hardly be a regrettable choice that i've ever made. it has not any sign of failing me in any way. the contents are exactly what i need, and its features certainly has not yet stopped to amaze me. i'm loving it............ so, kyou kara yaruki manman de benkyoushiyou!!!!!!!!!

p/s: today's 'enkaku' class really was complicated though. even in such happiness, i still couldn't escape falling asleep when facing such a confusing contents. please, let me understand it in any way, i'm really troubled if this continues


Anonymous said...

amboi seronok nye dpt jishou..tuu kalau xbenkyou tuu sempai lekuk kepala...siap nnt...
oh ya..xyah lekuk..byk sempai balik double..hahaha

akucu said...

just like my house!
each person one milk=5 milks xD

yay for your new dictionary! :DD

snylo said...

i'm still so over the clouds now, can't get enough exploring this new gadget XD

yer senpai, korekaramo ganbaruyouni shiteiruyo!!!