Thursday, November 26, 2009

coz it's only momentary

recently up till today, i was happy and in full bliss (for some reason which most would consider nonsense but who cares)

but yes, happiness does not last forever

they died down in any moment

whenever something u dread comes in your way, suddenly the happiness is snatched away to oblivion


i really don't like this feeling

it's suffocating and asphyxiating

and the worst thing is the more u want to not think about it, the more frequent it'll dance in ur mind

as if teasing u

oh, how small and insignificant of own existence

as always, when the world revolve around urself, the smallest thing can be such a big deal

what am i talking crap here??

the conclusion is, i'm quite flustered and agitated at the moment, so everything do not seem right

and the least thing i want to do is confronting the mirror

- self-dejection - please, dun be ever more pathetic, that's just so pathetic

神様は乗り越えられる試練しか与えない -somehow this line makes me stay loose for a while

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