Tuesday, December 1, 2009

to be caught by surprise

basically, it's all quite as stated up there.

hurmmm, i really should extend my gratitude to all those people (though i doubt they would ever read this post)

as a food-lover, i was greatly pleased with the doughnut treat they prepared yesterday. and it was so chocolatey. i luv my housemates, they know me too well!

and today, amidst the rush (or was it me who really takes my time in doing everything), i was purely at a loss for words when a box of cake was handed to me when i least expected it. even the giver shows no particular expression for the event, like he was only giving me an eraser or something.

i was like "what?"

in such event, you can only smile or laugh at the least.

ryouta-kun, hirai-kun, hontouni arigatou!!!
and the others who were along celebrating the occasion despite being disrupted in the middle of your respective works, hontouni arigatou!!

and also the chocolates, hontouni arigatou!!!

although i can't really say it was smooth but the revision went on for we have test tomorrow (or more accurately only hours away).

but still, my happiness meter continued to shoot up when my dear senpai kindly did the favor i asked him from before. i'm loving him for this!! seriously, i really owe him this time.

thank you everyone!!! may Allah bless you all~

and i returned to my room with a smile to discover my mp3 somehow couldn't be turned on.


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hepi nmpak.
hepi belated btw