Tuesday, November 24, 2009

drop-dead gorgeous

oh yea, i'm a girl with lots of hormones running....

and i can't help but getting enraptured over the new CM by these adorable guys from my favourite band-no need to tell here i guess.

and all thanks to them, i'm able to go through this day with a smile

though it was truly a bitter one

certainly, i've yet to take a liking to C language....

i still see them as a formidable entity which reason for existence is to make my life miserable

hohohoho, and so we're bombarded with more homeworks over our shoulders.....

and surprisingly when i thought this week is tough enough, it seems next week takes a level higher

no need to list here, it would just add to my stress that already accumulate enough to overflow in any moment...


so, even though i can't escape the fact that i've made this choice of walking down this rocky road, it all depends on how we see them in our head right?

so, when your mind and body are near exhaustion and total lethargy, pause, and see the beautiful things around you.

and that's when u'll feel glad to be alive

XD XD XD ありがとうFLUMPOOL!!!!生きていてよかったぁぁぁぁ~~~!!!

1 comment:

akucun said...

*dead again*

seems you're having hard time for
hang in there! is all i can say..
may your hardships now be re-payed in the future