Saturday, July 18, 2009

the uneaten rm11 unagi don

yes, as mentioned before, today there was bon odori! at panasonic stadium... this time, i really gotta properly thank my only brother for today. he kindly brought us (me and 2 friends of mine) there though i was late a bit.. i guess that really gave me a lesson for being late. we actually had to park our car soooooo far from the venue and to walk between the two place was just &%^$#. (let's just assume i'm short on vocab)

anyhow, we were there safely. i was so keen on eating whatever delicious stuff they have that i had no chance to eat last year. as expected, when we arrived, it was 6 and there was already sea of people crowding the place. as for me, who is a bit anti with these type of place, i guess there was no choice but to just endure it.

so, then, my so-good-brother only brought so little money with him but thanks eli, you covered on my part.

then we parted.

alone, i'm wandering, the unagi don in my hand along with the uchiwa and a bottle of juice. alhamdulillah, as i wanted, i managed to meet my senseis!! well, they do dress up for this event, love seeing them wearing yukata.... but it was a bit unfortunate that not all of the sensei could make their way here. but i guess i'm lucky enough to have this chance to meet whoever was present, i tell you, they are way prettier on such occasion.

with Utsumi-sensei and Ishibashi-sensei (i wonder just why they are still unmarried with such beauty.

a nice shot by my kouhai. kuga-sensei is in such a splendid pose.

and isn't kouki-kun just soo adorable. however, if he resembles his father in term of attitude, i can't imagine just how much girls he would attract later

and not to forget, one of the happiest thing is that i could meet fatin too!! though it was just momentary, but compared to the speech contest, we hardly got to speak to each other. hmm, just when i thought she would come with yukata on....
and back to my main purpose coming here-the food. it all scattered away and thrown down the bin. some unfortunate thing happened when the container fell with the contents out.... i haven't even get the slightest taste of it yet, but there's nothing i could do but to brood about it. and i specially skip my lunch for this..........
jaaa, benkyou?

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