Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ohisashiburi, petaling street

recently, i don't know how many times i've stepped into klcc.

but then again, today i went there. (umm, this post is first written last sunday and was suspended until now)

well, unlike usual, i'm not wandering alone. today, it was sort of like a small reunion of us, the bwps of which only half turned up. it has been a long since we had a chance like this to get together,indeed it was fun. quite a lot of stories we were stuffed with. everyone's now separated and lead our own lives, so to get an insight to each of our lives is tantalizing. like how the IB students are having such a tough time, or studying so far away at russia or being the only muslim girl in a course. in short, it was enjoyable. however, it was only for a short while. really short for a cirsumstance like these where you could reminisce the good old days other than feeding the others with the latest updates. perhaps, we only got together for about an hour or so. but i guess, it's already meaningful enough each of us has already make our way there to meet each other. for niro, do your best in the US later. i wish all the best from here.

so, what i did after that was watching TRANSFORMERS!!! as expected, it was awesome!!!!!! subarashii!! sugoi!!! and i'm glad i'm watching it in malaysia. i could laugh all i want. indeed, it was funny at many parts. it's so hard to just watch it without getting at least chuckles. the jokes though sometimes a bit dirty but generally it's amusing. or even a simple scene where you would find it very funny and could not stand to laugh. so, i guess people who dun lagh just dun understand it-the story. dakara, minna-san, mitainara, zehi mitekudasai.

out from the glamourous air of the klcc, i later went to petaling street. on my own.

it's been years....

umm, no change?

but thankfully i found wht i want +some other things unplanned. and also lose my just-reloaded touchngo card.

if tourist ask me what's special about petaling street, i doubt i could answer straightaway...........

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