Tuesday, July 21, 2009

rm51 worth of origami

ambivalent emotions - that's what i experience for today, in less than 12 hours

to put it chronologically, it'll be as follows : excited, guilty, dejected, clueless, surprised, delighted

for excited and guilty, followed by dejected, all came from the same cause... quite accidentally i watched a drama, breaching my own promise to myself. excited because naohito fujiki is so hot and the character he brought is soo damn full of suspense. obviously guilty for watching it 4 episodes straight despite it was exam night. dejected for not able to resist myself to this temptation.

clueless a bit during exam though i've read it many times over. perhaps, it's because lack of sleep. hmm, dejected again.

surprised when my sensei announced it's purely holiday till wedenesday for 5 days.

another biggggg surprise when i withdraw my money from the ATM. not only coz i can't withdraw RM10, the one appeared was something i didn't recognize. catching a slight glimpse, i was like "ehhhhh, how come, indonesian note all of a sudden" but then, it really was RM50. ohhh, new ones has been issued, is it? shiranakatta.

my impression, i like the former one better, looks more sophisticated.

oh, and delighted, the note has now turned out like this!

1 comment:

Kaito said...

seriously man. u transfigured your rm50 into origami???!!!
sumthing i shud xpect fr u..