Saturday, July 4, 2009

a race against time

sometimes i wonder, how do we exactly have dreams during sleep? and in my case, it's rarely that i could vividly remember them. but one thing for sure, i always dream i'm on my feet, running, chasing, or being chased. it's like a race. at times it can be tiring (isn't the purpose of sleep to give us rest?)

"i have all the time in the world"

i wish i could blurt that out.

but let's just face it. reality hurts.

so, as a friend of mine quoted, when you are sad, instead of crying, just laugh and smile.

but, what it you are greatly irritated?

irritated with the fact that own self is no good, not up to par, haven't really done the best it could, have only been such a pathetic low life it should have never been. irritated whilst asphyxiated with the mounting of stuff this self could not comprehend. i could blame no one else.

should i scream my lungs out?

or, should i should sleep all my problems away?

somehow, i'm afraid to close these eyelids, while my ears still grasp on the surrounding, my mind has already floated away, and the image of the ^%#&^$& robot takes form, haunting me even in my dream...

oh please, dear mr.robot, just work how you supposed to.

and, dear ms iman, do what you are supposed to do!

final exam : 11 days to go (no of papers :13)
matlab assignment due date : 7 days to go
math (linear algebra) quiz : 7 days to go
chemistry report due date : 6 days to go
completing robot last day : next tuesday?
chemistry enshuu mondai due date : 2 days to go

p/s: today i experience a class where i feel like saying, "are we learning greek or what?" thus explaining my grumpy self for the day

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tun izyan dalila said...

hehe. natsukashii na~~ jad life yg sangat robotic tuh.