Wednesday, July 15, 2009


yes, i know i'm not exactly in a circumstance where i should waste my time idling away or posting a blog entry, but let's just treat this as a momentary retreat....

so, today, my exam has started

and that was probably not a good start at all

i guess, my experiment on the effectiveness of last-minute-study didn't end with a good outcome. well, i've predicted that somehow. whatever it is, i have one subject cleared off my mind right now, that i'm so thankful....

for now, i'm so inconfident with my 'information processing' paper which is just the day after tomorrow. oh please, just what can i do in this remaining time to make all the complicated contents etched into my head?? ok i got another more worrying subjects too which are just days away while no revising has been done at all..... i admit, i'm a lousy time manager......

hmm, now i feel like calling someone, venting my stress away

but then, yesterday, my phone went mute ___________

good timing

..........ya allah, mudahkanlah urusanku di dunia dan di akhirat.........

oh yea, if the rain could clear up the current haze in the atmosphere, what could clear up the haze in my head?

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