Saturday, July 11, 2009


hehehe, arini, jgn perasan, the above title is not after your name, it is about TODAY...

it's unusual for me to just write in entry for the event of the one specific day, but well, today, there has been a lot that happened




may i curse a bit? it was such a ^&#$%# moment when i had to wait for more than an hour for the instructor from my driving class to pick me up this morning. if he already intended to pick me at 9, just say so, dun tell me he'll come at 8. indeed, it was true there was cases where i did make him wait for me b4, but i didn't say the wrong time, it's just me who was late and it had not even passed an hour.
moral: if u're irritated by waiting, dun make the other party wait for you instead the next time u meet with reason like payback or whatever. it'll just make the situation worse.

and more @%&#%^*& when suddenly he just decided i was to do the QTI today after all these while i haven't been practising. so as expected, of course i couldn't pass it....

and for the wedding which i attended after that, i got a feeling, somehow i feel like wedding is such a nuisance. oh man, bad me.... okay, at least i'm happy for the bride and the groom to have such a splendour event to celebrate their day. but i guess it was just too affluent to an extent where i think too many frills make it meaningless? i dunno, again, my bad here. perhaps, it's because of me who just didn't quite involved and am not lucky enough to catch on the spirit. or because of the food that didn't quite satisfy me. whatever.

i also got a feeling, if what we wear to class everyday is normal, then attire worn to wedding is nothing anymore. hahaha... well, we the girls do wear baju kurung(the showy and dandy) to class, and so the guys who wear shirts, the smart ones. the only difference is that they have tie during class, so, it's the same when going to wedding.

or, is it justt, we are really 'oshare' everyday?

oh, and finally my craving is satiated, a bit. i got to indulge in some durian, the kampung one, little flesh and big seed. ok, it's just that i love durian. so everyone, happy eating durian!

and, yeah, happy studying!!

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