Tuesday, July 14, 2009


iyoiyo, shiken da ne.........

my study plan for last minute study, 2 days b4 exam didn't exactly go like i planned... too many distractions, too many temptations

couldn't even complete the few questions on ch4 of information processing.... so aside from studying all day, what i managed to slip in between was:

-reading manga: a chapter each for 5 different series
-snacking a lottt : half a big bar of chocolate, kerepek bwg, apple
-reading ppl's blogs (of coz flumpool's the top of the list)
-surfing livejournal for a while
-searching for radwimps songs from their latest album
-surfing on youtube
-folding origami
-skipping (only managed to get 87 as the best for today)
-enjoying dinner for more than half an hour
-writing in entry for the blog..........

so, today, i hope i'll have a smooth day....... no cursings or whatever, to everyone, i'm sorry if i've ever offended you, might be i never meant to do that...........

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