Saturday, July 18, 2009

sin, log and matrices...

this might be trivial, but the fact is i used to love math very much, how i could find it easy to comprehend and sometimes challenging

so, today, it has been a while that this self is fully engrossed in the world of math again, or specifically, the area which is the range of our exam tomorrow... hmm, sin, log, bibun sekibun (differentiation-integration), matrices-this one's linear algebra or so it's called i think.....

surprisingly but somehow expected, it took me sooooooo long today to just solve a simple problem and the ones that follow... oh my, now i think this head has become slow after so long... now that i feel some kind of remorse for being such a lazy bum, never bother to practise... of coz that'll be hard, ne? okay, after this, dun forget to practise regularly, okay?? (let's just see how this will really be happening or not :P)

alhamdulillah, i guess, to sink again in these numbers make me lively again, instead of hating them each time i'm stuck... and thanks sensei, i can't help but to think you are so adorable... hahaha

jaa, i only could see how i've improved after hours of practice in this last-minute basis.... tomorrow will be the day (i dun want to be disappointed again with what-supposed-to-be-my-favourite-subject)... and also, tomorrow i have more reason to cheer up. yes, tomorrow's the bon odori at panasonic stadium! takoyaki, unagi, cute balloon, here i come!! not to forget, i'd love seeing our teacher in their lovely yukata~~~

and possibly some durians are coming too........ this one, i'm greatly in love~

forget my misery today, looking forward to tomorrow (the song tomorrow from 'annie' reverbrating far in my head)

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