Monday, March 1, 2010

negative tone again?

part of being human : we always get frustrated more often than we do not

but it seems, everything just fails me at the moment, all i got in my mind just shattered to pieces, everything's not working out as i want it to

okay, i still dangle on the hope of the result that would be out next week would turn out well to console myself now


ok, rather than spouting out the normal question -"just why???", just HOW can i get out of this?? it's so sad it's pathetic

i'm sorry to myself, and also to how uncouth my writings do sound.

p/s: i just don't like doing house chores, and also cooking, and especially hate the mouse/rat that are ratting my house, they freak me out!

can't wait for the dvd to reach my hand~ one of the things left to please me at the moment

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