Tuesday, March 16, 2010

koe kareru made

(this post is done yesterday where i slept midway while typing it, so funny to just sleep like that even the notebook laid together with me on the bed :P)

haven't properly slept for more than 24 hours now (2 minutes wink not included)

my eyes droopy, my leg joint wears out

today's a tiring one, yet a enjoyable one~

and i could sing all i could, yeah, a revenge from last week!

well, my throat went to its limit, my voice gone hoarse, but it all felt just soo goood

and i got to sing flumpool!!a few of their songs which i already had it at the tip of my tongue. and also the song i like most from weaver-白朝夢, i always would like to sing that out loud

and lots of others too, and i'm getting better and getting used to the orders of hiragana characters, it's not that hard actually, just like how you first trying to remember the order of the alphabets

even so, i can't imagine how people could do a singing marathon, they must have trained the throats well. unlike me, who just force all out even for a single song (this kinda reminds me of some flumpool interview). after a couple hours, i could feel my voice dying out. thank goodness the drink we had was tea instead of some sweet beverage. oh, and that japanese icecream is tasty too, i wonder how that one costs, hahaha. well the yakisoba a.k.a mi goreng which smells a lot of those perencah alone costs rm15.

and we kept on singing our heart out....

definitely going to give it a go again, let's go, YUME KUKAN (this is the name of that premise, quite a nice one, at least it has what i seek for, it's run by some nihonjin)

anyway, the song i've been working on last night wasn't available in the list though. well, last night i went again testing my comprehension in nihongo, in none other but my favorite flumpool's lyrics. oh, i can't stop this sheer infatuation no more. ryuuta really is someone who has his amazing way with words, it kept me wondering what he really wants to convey, like the one i just did here-song title: Hydrangea. really wish my nihongo proficiency is already excellent by now. talking abt proficiency, our jlpt result already out, kono mama jaa, seems like this year lvl1 will be tough.......

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