Friday, March 12, 2010

feel like my money been cheated off

well, not exactly so, but in sense, yes. i was such a bloody fool for not giving it a full thought b4 draining my money away.

and on top of it, it's not even a thing i can enjoy. nor it for a charity.

it was some sort of supposed-to-benefit-you-in-time-you-need-it. of course the chances are hardly there!

i'm generally weak when someone urges me and pushes me where eventually i'll just give in to whatever they're leading me to. and now, someone i don't even know made me 'invest' for whatever i doubt will become of use. so, it's just plain waste. feel like some kind of character in drama where their money been swindled off.

and a lump sum of it.

i'm a fool, ain't i??

now, more than i hate that stranger who led me to that particular cause, i'm hating myself. fool, fool, fool, fool!

arrrghh. and this is money we're talking about.

some may say they're just paper scraps, but it's not something you can just throw away foolishly. even burning those are useful as a source of fuel when you are out freezing.

anyway, before that regretful act i did, i'm pretty satisfied with another purchase of the rest of my "maou:juvenile remix" collection. now, i've cleaned that manga series off the racks of kinokinuya. it only took me a week to completely buying it all when i initially thought i'll buy it gradually, perhaps only 2 volumes per month. alas, i already posessed the whole set by now. manga is dangerous.... or more generally bookstore are dangerous! hahaha, i spent more of those 'scrap papers' of mine in bookstores rather than on clothes or shoes or whatever normally girls would be crazy of.

holiday sure exhausts money out of you.....

oh, and today, after somewhat a decade, i tried entering exploring petrosains again! okay, a trip alone sure is not as interesting, nevertheless i enjoyed quite a lot of it. i can get engrossed for so many hours....


hudhud said...

iman chan..akasagi desuka?? hehe~

zaty said...

apa yg telah dilaburkan?for what?
iman samisiii gler gi petrosains sorg-sorg.lain kali ajak org len okkehhh!