Tuesday, March 30, 2010

from 10 to 1

to wake up early after so long having used to just sleep in sure is tough. so my day started at 10 a.m.

okay, i might sound like a slob which i'm afraid i really am one for i usually open my eyes only in the afternoon. but yesterday, it was different. i had a mission. i'm determined of getting myself a map, i've always wanted one but there's just no one to give it to me. frankly speaking, there was more than once i've been seriously thinking of just snatching the one from our class and take it home to stick in my bedroom wall. i always like looking at maps and what i haven't have is the majestic nihon map. my world map has been tattered so bad it doesn't fit to be sticked on the wall no more.

the wall is naked.

okay, with exception for that clock, and 'がんばって' lil poster, and a modest picture of a building of keio daigaku-this is lia's obviously.

so, there started my quest for a map which i hope there'll be sold somewhere in kl. i went to kinokinuya, the likeliest place it could be. ok, i did found one-the folding traveller's one. i guess my search is quite over so while i just hold it in my hand, i tried to give myself super-excitement by getting this chance to get the flumpool artistbook i've been coveting so much. the last time i checked on the net, it's in stock. oh, it's not among the magazines, so i checked with the counter. hmm, he was looking so hard for it too, i mean i've checked there, of course it's not there when you look at the same place. it's not anywhere. to my disappointment, the book just can't be found, and here he said:

"perhaps someone has gotten it before you came, we had TWO of it"

what?? of coz someone has taken it coz they have reserved it beforehand (of which one of these people just happens to be in my knowledge), but then, you only have TWO??? i know this favourite band of mine is not that popular and maybe it's still fresh, but you only got TWO of it??? why?? do you think there's only 2 people in malaysia who wants to get their hands on it?? せっかくそこまで来たのに~ たまたま、今日お金をたっぷり持ったのに~


and when i'm not frustrated enough, when i checked the map i got in my hand, it's not exactly what i want. it's wholly in romaji~ gosh, it just defeats the purpose then. the whole reason i want to have that very map is so that i can read those kanji. how else can i get used to those stupid names of places with so confusing kanji they have. yea, i enjoy looking at maps and i want to perfectly know how to read it! oh pleaseee. and then the man recommended me to go somewhere else. japan club? why did i feel i never heard of that?

more sweats and more getting clueless on the street, first i came into JFKL library which i never even knew existed so near the midvalley. wow~ it just seems so interesting but not today. then i walked on to a point i felt i'm completely lost in the middle of KL until i finally saw the sign. but what awaited me at the end of the road really came to me as a surprise. Institut Bahasa Teikyo(IBT)?? WOW, it's just located here all along? whatever. this discovery by accident didn't budge me from my original intention. seems that that japan club the guy was talking was here after all and there was supposed to be a some kind of a store which plausibly have what i'm searching for. i just barged in a place so alien to me. only to end in vain. they don't have it here either but what they do have is exteremly appealing to me. used manga, rental manga, rental dvd-all kinds, be it jdrama(even the very latest ones), jmovie or english hit tv series. i never knew such place really exist in KL. hohoho, so if i were a member, i could just easily use all these facility? how convenient.

when i thought i would just walk home in half-disappointment, an even more unexpected thing happened. my awkward presence here was somehow spotted my junior from high school who is currently studying there. a very nice surprise. we had quite a long chat before waiting for her bus home. and guess how luxurious they are provided to be, from air-conditioned house moving to a condo. but well, looking at what they have to learn in class, seems so tough for me. imagine, to learn about history or geography in an entirely different language you ever been used to. super-tough for me. at least math and physics heavily deals with numbers-the same system agreed by the whole world.

so dusk came by, but my day was far from over. straight away, a few minutes after reached home, i'm moving once again. to the airport. Sabu's leaving tonight and i ought to at least see him off. i can't deny this tinge of envy to see him leaving for nihon ahead of us. but then it just means it's now less than 365 days before our turn. okay, not long, but not before mountful of reports as second year student. that's somehow scary. it's not that i dread it so much but it can be a pain in the head. so, after waving our goodbyes and wishing all the best, the four of us who went(Rifqi the 'careful' driver, while the rest being the girls who keeps the car alive with noise) got back in the seat of the car, got back to reality and listened well enough to our stomach's grumbling. time to eat!

well, not before Kinta decided to pose for pictures at Putrajaya in the night time. one lucky bridge as a setting for our stop and what a nice breeze it was. nice pictures followed i hope. good thing there was only a few cars passing by or many would think who are these crazy people.

and our dinner cum supper was satiated at a mamak place. to generously put sauce and mayo on a naan is not really a nice idea those mamak have come out with.

and when we've sent the other two safely back to shah alam, i guess the sleepiness finally kicked in. oh, it was already 1 o'clock.
nevertheless, of course i won't just fall asleep straight away, not with such driving i could yet feel fully reassured of :P whatever it is, thanks rifqi for bringing kinta, lani and me along!

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"Rifqi the 'careful' driver"
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