Thursday, March 25, 2010

terengganu escapade (a long-winded account)

what terengganu ever reminded me of is none other than the long long journey just to reach there. i remembered when i was little, i lay at the back seat of the car, sleep and waking up, sleep again and wake up again and we still hadn't reach our destination. a very tiring journey i would say. but last week, i have no regret making that long journey one more time.

it's really worth it! -first of all, you just have to take night bus coz u wouldn't realize the passing time. it was a short 3 days and 3 night trip but it was so eventful and such a memorable time i've spent there.

Day 1(Sat, 20 March):
Kuala Terengganu/Marang
this is the trigger for the idea for the whole trip. it was the wedding of our sensei! of coz, initially i would've never thought of attending coz obviously, it's so far! but then, a lot of us were planning to go, and it just seemed so interesting. very interesting, indeed! we went in a convoy of 4 cars, head count: 19. it really was a merry occasion. and i never thought what i said hits the bull's eye when i jokingly said we would only be in time if only sensei is jawa, uhukuhukjawa has amazing time definitionuhukuhuk. and her family really is! in the middle of terengganu. though we were kinda late, we still were welcome. and the souvenir we received were really into our liking-cute homemade tissue holder, folding fan and umbrella! thanks sensei! wish you a happy marriage till the end of time.

and i would like to extend my gratitude to saro's family for their hospitality along my stay that whole day(and night). my first time having nasi dagang as breakfast.

Day 2(Sun, 21 March):
the highlight of the whole trip- Redang Island!!!!! actually, i really dislike getting on board the ferry but i've no regret getting on this one. what awaited us at the island was really breathtaking and astonishing. i can't help giggling when suki keep saying "i feel like we're not in Malaysia". oh yeah, this Redang plan only comprised of us three-me, huda and suki. an adventurous bunch, aren't we? hehehe... so, as soon as we arrived there, the crystal-clear sea amuses us so much, we didn't wait frolicking on the beach, getting excited with the sight of the beautiful scenery all around us. and that very afternoon, we straight on getting our first time experience to snorkel. so funny there's none of us who could swim, so initially i didn't deny we were a bit chickened out. but when i saw the view inside the sea, woaaaaa, kirei!!!!!! this is no longer only visible thru the tv screen, it's before my two very eyes. it's like an entire forest perfectly preserved, only that it's underwater. subhanallah~~ so, so, so, so beautiful!!! can hardly describe it in words. i'm completely enchanted. the corals, the fishes, the whole creatures i don't know what they are called, i was speechless. the guide kindly caught a clownfish to let us it close-up, let us touch gamat and more importantly led us around coz we don't know how to move, hahaha. i really wanna do it again. next plan, anyone?

oh yea, here we also met with a very friendly couple, especially the wive. can't really guess she's actually a mother of two. she looks so young and lively. they're more adventurous than us, they just got on the boat and randomly survey a place to stay upon arrival, cancelling their original plan. somehow i felt like doing the same someday, in nihon kanaa...

Day 3(Mon, 22 March):
well, we returned from Redang after only 1 night. tarinai naa... well, our budget only goes as far. the ferry trip back was a lot better, i'm grateful for that but my pants is all sandy-Redang sand. so, before heading on our next destination, we stopped by Pasar Payang which is just next to the jetty we arrived at. my objective fulfilled-i just wanted to buy Asam Jawa which to my surprise my 2 buddies has never tried. it's way better than any of its derived products. the original still is the best. then, boarded on the bus, never knew Kuala Terengganu and Kemaman is so far. but i was very disturbed with a fellow passenger who can't lower his voice on the phone just behind me-that's plain irritating. at Kemaman, we went to Fatin's house. actually we're the last batch of the visitors at her place. she's been entertaining our friends coming to her house for a few days straight. her mom must have been confused as to who has come and gone. Here, it was my first time eating Pais and Terengganu-style Otak-otak, they spell it Otok-otok though. such a good feeling to eat it while being caressed by the breeze at the beach. if only we have a university located near the beach among our selections. it's really nice~

Last Day
Back to KL
my bus returning to KL departed near afternoon. thank goodness, it only takes about 5-6 hours from Kemaman. i brought along Keropok Lekor-i wished i've brought more, it's simply not enough. so, upon arrival, i immediately stored my bag at the bag counter (such fortunate thing i got spare money coz my wallet in entirely empty) and headed straight to the book fair at PWTC next to the station. quite relieved it's a weekday, i just hate over-crowded places, it's suffocating. withdrew my money and spent it all! okay, i lied, i did have the remaining RM7 on my way back. yes, books are dangerous, for my pocket. i bought 3 leisure reads-comics, 2 Terry Pratchetts' novel, 3 back-issue magazine(dunno why but Popular Science is so hard to find among those bulk), one non-fiction novel-a malay one(wow!) and self-stick book cover. wanna buy more but i'm financially restricted.

i've overspent this whole month.

And a few days after that(today)
completely engrossed in flumpool.. shiawase~~


Nurhanisah said...

aaaa,mahu pergi redang juge! T_T

Anonymous said...

bestnyer snorkelling...nak try kuikui

practice kat bath tub dlu skang ahaks