Saturday, March 27, 2010

galileo galilei

okay, not the galileo we've known in astronomical field (i believe i learnt he's the one with the telescope), it's another of my new fancy in music, jmusic specifically.

well, i gotta thank youtube for leading me to the wonderful music from them, the first song i heard was the following: 管制塔(kanseitou)

the version that i actually listened to was from their live during an event, so in the beginning it was some other noise and talks for the event. and then when the performance began, i was instantly caught."wow, nice" was what i thought. afterward, when the vocalist's voice subtly seeps in, i just know this is my type of song.... it's simply piercing.

so, who are actually the guys behind this beautiful song? i knew i've heard of them before, but at that time i have no time to care. they're a group of four consisted of boys, the oldest being my age. gosh, they're young! and two of them are brothers. i imagine how they would go to school with concerts and of course the practices filling their schedule. their official website is cute too *-*

there adds my favourite. i could see they're a promising band. perhaps i'll try watching them live when i got a chance, aside from my plan of watching flumpool(this is a must-watch!)-that is after i reached nihon of course. somehow i feel this kind of songs are better listened when they're performed live, there's more feeling in it, it reaches deeper. part of it must be because of the stage-presence i guess. rather than just utilizing one sole sense thru the earphones,  to be mesmerized fully by other senses is definitely more enjoyable. now, my desire to go gushes up and up. can't wait~~

p/s: listening back to my list of favourites-flumpool, radwimps, bump of chicken, spitz, weaver, greeeen, mr. children, yuzu- they all sound pretty the same, just how i like it ^.^ oh, and they're all males

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