Thursday, March 4, 2010

guuzen to ka hitsuzen

it was a blessing in disguise

when i was already exhausted of being in inactivity for more than a week, i at last took a fresh air outside, away from my house to where my friends were supposed to be waiting. i just can't help from being a bit excited when they said they were going karaoke. yeah, though it was a long haul from my house, can you believe it, 20 stations? and one transit where the waiting is just as one could expect from ktm.

well, finally i arrived after all. without knowing it was somehow cancelled.

to window shop on your own is just as interesting. ok, not really, if you don't know what to window shop. but still, subway's as delicious as i remembered it. to any hungry stomach, it undeniably is. so, i just walk around,and around, and around with no aim in mind, and i got bored. so, on the way back home, i guess, why don't i take a detour to kl? kinokuniya always is a nice place (aside from the fact it's located at the crowded klcc). and on the way, i managed to stop by a cd shop and bought 3 dvd- i wish they have those in pirate dvd, it won't hurt my wallet as much.

no fail, klcc is crowded despite it was a weekday. but then, i just find my cove and what a heaven to feed my obsession. ok, this time, no flumpool (i've already bought that magazine they have on rack). and i browse around for others that might catch my interest. and i remembered isaka koutarou.

what an astonishment when i recently knew he not only has his works done as movies (he's a novelist, and oh, some of the movies were mentioned in my previous posts, they're great ones), there are also manga!! and what makes me happier than to find those on the kinokuniya's rack. okay, i did make a teeny effort to read those magz i've bought so far but it's just too texty. and kanji bakkari, maa, soon i'll be able to stride thru those smoothly i guess. but now, manga seems more like a greater deal. and to top it off, this one that just caught my interest-"maou:juvenile remix" is a shounen-manga, means there are furigana for like every kanji. hahaha. somehow, i love to be spoiled. well, of course they come with a cost especially when my hands resisted to not take only one, but two of them.

what happened afterward did caught me by surprise. true, i knew some of my friends are here, but i don't expect to run into them (klcc's big, man). and of coz, i don't expect i would even spend my evening till late with them there, and to have such a marvellous dinner together with our dear sensei. it was wonderful. i might have gone to klcc numerous times just to hang out, but i never set foot in those restaurants it's mushroomed with. so hard to be on budget all the time. but then, the dinner we had last night was fantastic, not even a full course but a memorable one. 1st, coz it was also as celebration for our bday boy yesterday, raziz! we had cake and delicious food. of coz it's good! it must be for how much the price it's worth. and we talked, and chatted and had fun. truly fun. i think we were the noisiest party in the whole restaurant, sorry about that, but we can't help but to laugh every now and then. and it's fun to teases our bday boy when he's nearly in tears. well, no more crybaby now he's twenty. and also to kuga-sensei whom we at least want to give present to before our farewell, she's really an interesting teacher i would remember for lifetime. i'll miss her.

my legs all sore from a day worth of walking but my heart is so full of relish.

and to check my cimb account, i have 5 transactions during yesterday alone. shopping is relieving!

and i am in dilemma, i definitely want the rest of volume for the manga i bought yesterday, but then, it'll definitely cause a financial worry on the other side. to add,  my dvd tht's due to come soon also requires money. aaaahh,


zaty said...

eh?maou meh?

biFa_dhilah said...

had so much fun..:DDD

snylo said...

not 'that' maou la :P

well, as you can see it's 'juvenile remix', so do be informed it's purely a boy's story, sorta coming-of-age

zaty said...

ohhh haha am so not a manga fan~.~