Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i guess i would never step in RED BOX again...

they really fail in organizing the songs that 'I' want to sing. that was so hard just to find any song that i know of.

but still, it was fun, going karaoke for the first time in my life. it was barely 2-3 hours but my throat do takes the toll. it's really relieving to shout out loud, and no one bothers with that. well, if they do, what would the money i paid worth for, right??

so, thanks my buddies!!! definitely we're going again next time to a far better place where i CAN sing what i know and WANT to. flumpool is mandatory XP

nevertheless, aside from karaoke, i did drain my money to clothes (i'm sooo delighted~) as well as manga, like i had expected though i've tried to hold myself from buying more. lest, i did. shopping really makes one happy!!

and on my journey home, i was surprised by a hot burning news. i mean, truly burning. a house of my friend was caught on fire!! truly unbelievable! i never ever once thought such an incident could happen. and even sadder that the loss due to the fire included a few phones (the high-end ones) and brand-new notebook~ they really have my sympathy.

and more news:

yea, it seems on March 14th(that's only few days away), they gonna release their artist book-a thing i would of course sought for!! i want this soo bad, anyone generous enough?? pleeaaaassseeee *winking puppy eyes*

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