Wednesday, February 24, 2010

so, what shall i do?

ok, first, alhamdulillah, exam has passed and gone by for good. the moment it finally ended, i felt such relief that was beyond words. felt like i wanna scream out loud, let out everything that has stuck inside while holding myself along the strenuous period of what we call exam.

alhamdulillah again, eventually what's left is just leave it to god. i dare not to put high expectation, better accept whatever would turn out. so, all my exam grumbles would cease for the moment, until the next one comes up. well, i need not to worry that early, before that, we have more than one month off!

i love time by myself like this!

so, the first thing i did, and also with my friends was, eat out! maa, to eat big mac after a long while is quite a treat too!

then, it's without question i'd stick to this notebook :P. and i couldn't quite believe i watched a movie-japanese that stretches nearly 4-hour long! never knew they have one that long. nevertheless, the story was pretty well-structured and those hours i watched didn't feel that long. or should i say, it's like watching the whole episodes of a drama series which i indeed do at times. a good thing i didn't watch it straight the previous day when i first found the movie, or else i afraid it would jeopardize my chemistry paper.
 my own review: this movie entitled 'Ai no Mukidashi/Love Exposure' would remind you how lucky to be properly loved and nurtured and grow up in a nice environment. the main characters of the story are tragically lacking in love which turns them into people of twisted personalities. for the protagonist(Yu), i can't help but pity him throughout the story. how essentially he is never a bad boy, but he inadvertently turns out to be one out of pure hunger of love from his own sole parent. and the despair he lives through following that. the only thing that kept him going was remembering a promise made with his mom to find his own maria. the funny thing is, how he ended up doing all the bad things just for sake of committing sins-an act he deems would make his father appear as one. eventually, he did find the girl he's been searching but not without the conflicts that intertwine together. and thus, the story further developed and progressed beautifully. well, i can't deny this movie heavily touches the theme of those perversion and explicitly shows those obscene parts some people just couldn't take it in, but the story runs into deeper questions behind all that. but certainly not for kids i guess, with so much exposure on those things including frequent skirts-up, excessive uncovered skins, notorious turned-on moments, snoggings and all. and also to remind, it's not for someone who's weak against blood coz it's like some yakuza movies at times.but like i said, the story is enough to let you set those things aside to focus on the core of the story.

and not just the story itself, the way it is narrated can hardly bore you out like some other movies. appropriate soundtracks at the most appropriate times, multiple point of views to clearly explain the characters present, nice cinematography (i love the way it does the close-ups for when there are dialogues and also the unstable camera that depicts the unstable condition of the character-gosh what am i saying here), and definitely such effective casts they have here. nice-looking man with the most adorable smile as the most front certainly comes as a strong reason you stick to watching it.

and sure enough, such story has moments where it's just heart-wrenching, my tear glands did their best there.

one of the remarkable scenes i love is where Yu has lost it all and was thrown into bottomless despair, with practically nothing he could do, he was left lying cold on the road with no hope left in sight. and here's where his buddies appear, covering him with a jacket which comes together with a 50% less tag, trying to console him, so he hopes this would at least cut down his poor buddy's sadness by 50%. tht's just so sweet in the middle of such a sad scene.

....i got touched easily watching stories

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