Monday, March 29, 2010

where did i lost my key?

hmmm, by now, when i'm surfing around and goes blog-hopping, it seems most of my fellow coursemates(or even the other course) have been in touch with reality-holiday almost over. yeah, they're already revving their engine for the coming semester. and me here, it's like i even forget where's the key to switch on my engine. hahaha. and, as of now, there's one thing that's been in mind of every each of us, THAT paper..

well, i guess i have to do a search in my memories to remember where did i put that sheet of paper though.

am i wrong if i'm thinking whatever work i'll do after graduate, i'll figure out later? not now? i mean, let me explore whatever opportunities there are before reaching to a conclusion what kind of work i want to do. the me at this moment knows so little about anything. even if i say i've gone through one year as engineering student, i barely know what engineering is about... gosh, this only makes me look so damn ignorant. but, i'm serious. i don't know what to expect. apparently, my biggest problem now is i don't even have a picture of what i want to be in the future. okay, aside from being rich enough to possess everything i desire materialistically and plausibly a nice family to be built-hehehe, that's just every girls' dream.

anyway, to everyone facing the same worry as i am, wishing you all find the answer before the deadline. would i be scolded if i just say the reason i'm choosing a university is based on its theme colour?

talking about colour, the black dragon in the movie i watched last afternoon was really cute! i'm not so fond of black usually but this one is very adorable. okay, perhaps the big, soft-looking eyes makes me feel so. i can't help squealing a bit when it makes such a cute gesture. and funny how it's named 'toothless'. yea, i'm talking about 'how to train your dragon'. it's another animation movie which i love! it's hilarious, heart-warming, and enjoyable to watch from beginning to end. the animation works as always, stunning-which is why you have to see it in original, not from some shitty pirated dvds where the quality pictures gone down the drain. for the story, it's a story about a boy who are physically different among the society of viking he's living in. yea, might be stereotypical to any other story where there's a weak character and keep causing trouble to everyone around him, but hoping one day these people will acknowledge him. so, in this story, this stick boy happens to shoot down a dragon most feared by all people, and discovers that these dragons they have been fighting are more than just meets the eye.

well, it's a story about courage, and using your brain.

but i love how funny some lines from the movie can be. it's said in such a plain way, but i can burst out laughing all i could. nevertheless, at some point of the story i can't escape being a bit jealous to the main character of the story when he had found what he can do in his life, and to find something he is so good at, unlike me. i feel like i'm a lost cause. okay, perhaps it's only a matter of time........ only time......

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