Monday, December 7, 2009

maa ii ka

it certainly was not all sweet memory during yesterday's exam..

i admit it, i'm not that proficient enough to find that easy, no sweat, for next year, i always can try harder..

maa ii ka (just wanted to repeat the title :P)

anyway, what goes into spotlight is what happened next

definitely that compensates all the disappointments due to the exam

we had a really fun time!!

i never had a steamboat hangout with friends b4 so i could say this was my first

and thanks to all of them, it was so enjoyable and the 2 hours definitely do not go to waste, and also the amount each head had to pay were perfectly worth every cent(reminded me they haven't paid me back yet)

coz it was a buffet, just imagine how i stuffed myself up amidst the talking, chatting and laughters that we constantly had. aaah, the prawns, squids, crabs, all my beloved seafoods (sorry those who's seafood allergy, but it was just so damn good) and also the dessert that followed afterwards. it was fun to tease ryota with the chocolate. when i thought there is no one who escapes in loving chocolate.

and from that dinner, we found out each other's likes and dislikes. gosh, yu made me eat the brinjal/eggplant/aubergine whatever u want to call it. definitely, that won't be the vege of my choice. well, that was after i put the shiitake inside his bowl. hahaha. and ryota was nice enough not to bring me the orange juice once i said don't bring that (seriously thought he would). so i was nice enough after that not to put prawn into hirai's bowl. he seems to hate that a lot it would be fun to see his face were i to put it in :P

but everyone other than yu loves mushrooms. nyumnyum

so, once it's over, to walk back to our place was truly a challenge with such a full stomach.

anyway, thanx huda for the idea (initially this was to be the celebration of my bday which eventually turned out to be the consolation for 2kyuu exam). thanx kinta being along and also for the present i just received yesterday. thanx my big sis for paying in advance to cover the part i'm short. and thanx to ryota, daiki and yu for joining in the crowd, it was much livelier with you guys there.

and as usual, so bad that my camera was gone with the wind or else there would more pix to perpetuate the moments


tun izyan dalila said...

Iman chan~ Salam,
Nantikan sesuatu pada bulan 12 nih yer~


snylo said...

hee, nani sore? ki ni naru~~