Thursday, December 10, 2009

chou baka

the above was the conclusion we made when we couldn't solve a question regarded by our sensei as chou kantan.

anyway, i totally went out of my way by writing here today, supposedly my droopy eyes have made that firm declaration i should already be on bed now, but still, to be glued to this notebook is like inevitable now. btw, for the past 2 days, my sleeping pattern was evidently destroyed. for the day b4 yesterday, i didn't even get a wink during the night and the following night i slept straight after maghrib only to wake up in confusion past midnight. and continue being awake since.

the obvious result : a very bad sleeping in class, worse than usual.

and i'm afraid i'm gonna repeat that for tomorrow. it just seems like so

anyhow, i could just say i'm plainly irritated at the moment. a sudden dread for the coming of tomorrow comes over...

and also re-realize how dreadful the C-language were u not to put any interest in it, at all.
well, i could see my interest all go the Jdrama alone.

and i just watched one whole series Celeb to Binbo Taro in just 2 nights.
and further listening practice for today, i was exhilarated to find so much direct download links for my obsession.

the result : amidst the rush to memorize the script for my presentation, i spent my time watching a movie. the one starring kubodzuka yousuke whose voice i find so mesmerizing. thanks to the character he brought that of a mentally altered boy, the slow and one-by-one words that he said are easily understood by me who forgot to download the subtitle. and he's just too adorable to look at.

anyway, yesterday's presentation went all right, i guess, though i can't help laughing midway when my friend suddenly laugh. i just hope thye could understand all those, i think i spoke too fast for anyone to comprehend but glad i succeed in racing against time, i made it b4 the time limit.

the moral of the story : preparation is very important, don't do it just the night b4 u have a presentation, what more if u got only so limited a time.

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