Friday, December 11, 2009


currently, i'm so overwhelmed with delight, so happy and content

certainly, it's true in a sense when someone says shopping is a sort of therapy

it does make you feel so good

though the invisible guilt does linger and remain to lurk afterward

but still, to shop what u want(need), especially to spend the time on the process with others are so enjoyable

i could care less the tire and wear of my legs when we go round numerous shops and outlets. suddenly they got extra latent energy to keep moving on.

at the end of the day, i only got only 1 ringgit left in my wallet. yeah, didn't have much in the beginning after all. but still, as a mere student whose scholarship does not even worth much, to spend a lump rm200++ in one go is still a big deal, for me that is.

anyway, here i wanna extend my gratitude yet again to those two (yeah i know they won't ever read my crappy post here but just let me be) for taking the trouble of accompanying me and truly, i had fun today thanks to them. honestly it was quite awkward initially with the idea of going out of me the only girl and the two of them, guys. but it was not so bad. though i said i love shopping, due to financial restriction i rarely go in actuality. so, this once of a while occurrence really made me in bliss. so interesting to comment on others while they got indecisive to choose which to buy.

"just get all of that" -so easy to say, i'm loving it

but yes, shopping teaches you to be decisive. see, it's a form a learning after all. who said shopping is a waste of time?

oh, taking purikura is fun too ;D


akucun said...

shopping is a sort of therapy, true!
but it's not after realizing how binbo we've become xD

cute pic!
who are the two boys? siblings?

snylo said...

no way those two are my siblings~ if only i could though :P

they're the ones we call TA (teaching assistant) who currently lives with temporarily, also the ones we could practice our nihongo.

but yeay, being binbo is not fun

akucun said...

"eyyh!! uso!",
was my first reaction xD
nice to have them as TA!