Monday, December 21, 2009


the first monday of my holiday, and i didn't even oversleep!! when i proudly boasted that i would sleep all i want

tips of the day: in order to not miss your subuh prayer, b4 sleep make a du'a so that you would wake up, insyaallah you'll naturally wake up even without any external help....

and i'm still awake now

just that, after subuh this morning, i checked my dear notebook and finally the download for MW has finished! hehehehe

that explains the whole reasons my eyes are wide open this early morning

absolutely, i have to say, that's one incredible movie which story does not fail to excite me along watching it. in addition, the cast is so hot (here's the main plus point XP) and one difference i could notice in this movie compared to other japanese movies is that it fully utilizes the use of background music so it arouses ur interest from time to time and you'll constantly be caught in suspense. thank goodness it's decently less bloody than 'ninja assasin' i watched some time ago.

but still, they make a wise choice choosing hiroshi tamaki as the main cast, a cold-blooded murder without a sliver of mercy in his eyes. cruel but cool. XD

and how they wrapped up the story was really nicely-done too. he just can't stop looking so smart. can't escape getting the shivers though, he's one formidable character, makes you so scared while eagerly anticipating his next step when it has actually reached the end. nevertheless, the ending theme indeed fits perfectly as it resonates towards the end of the movie. i can clearly see why the song was selected, it just blends in the scene. though i've listened to the songs soo many times b4 (yeah, it's flumpool, tht's why) but listening to it with the movie sorta gives out a different vibe.

so happy i could finally watch it after waiting for so long^^

aaa, now my stomach nearly growls.....

p/s:another 2 days b4 the release ^O^


zaty said... this is the MW youve been talkin about on ym*i mean your status*

ngahaha iman,kalau xcuti pun i boleh oversleep;P

reefqi said...

maw tgk gak citer ni.. nnti bagi ek.. hehe..