Sunday, December 27, 2009

swayed in fantasy

can't escape the fact i'm a drama-addict.

truthfully, given the holiday, i staked out my eyes just to feed this insatiable obsession. it's a wonder how i can last watching drama continuously for hours but i can hardly last even for half an hour in my class.

oh, must be because there aren't any ikemen to be sighted in the latter case XP

or, the storyline never gets me bored throughout the whole of it. more like getting me jumpy from time to time.

oh, can never understand why a surreal topic such as love can make it so engrossing. not like i ever know how it actually takes its form in this real world. perhaps, it just triggers the curiosity that makes it so appealing.

or, simply because Satan keeps on whispering to continue being lulled in this fantasy.

that's more like it.

nevertheless, i can't deny creatures such as human can be so beautiful, so pleasing to the sight you can't take eyes of them. there also lies the wonder of the makeup world where almost everything can turn out perfect. must be hardwork for all those makeup artistes to reach that perfection. and the exploitation of this amazing side of humans contributes to the boom we have now where fandom equals to paradise.

i'm a healthy teenage girl with all the hormones flowing, that's why i can't help but to be among these flocks-those who find the opposite gender are attractive, especially the good-looking ones.

shifting a bit from my usual dose of japanese ones, recently i got caught with the ones from their neighboring country. indeed, korean dramas are quite lengthy but you just get stuck on it. what more i am the type of person who once start watching one, i'll continue till the end as soon as it is available. so, if the whole series are in my reach, i can finish watching it in such a short time as i tend to watch them non-stop.

i completed korean version of 'boys over flowers' extending to 25 episodes in just 3 days. and each episode is not less than 60 minutes long. following that, as they say "curiosity kills the cat", as silly as i am just trying to peek a look at another korean series which my sis recommended a lot, it then kills the next two days of mine. or more correctly, nights.

i've become nocturnal.

i'm perfectly killed by their charms and excellent actings. which also begins my wonder as to why these kind of stories just so appealing to the masses.

moving on to the thinking phase..... at last, the neurons got some work to do

oh yea, still got the homeworks to be done, oh my, just why the c language and the others continue to torment me even amidst this lovely break....

um, better hone my nihongo for the sake of my studies.... so, let's go on to the listening practice? XD

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