Monday, December 28, 2009

the haunting homeworks

about one third of my holiday is already over

and i pretty wasted them away

ok, that was my fault by being occupied with drama and all

but then, when i surfed around my pal's blog, they just have to remind me with the homeworks

oh why??

following that list of hers, seems like i pretty much have like a mountain of them

-jouhou shori (the appalled c language and 5 sheets of them??)
-math (linear algebra and bibunsekibun i need to work out on coz i really suck)
-mechanics of material (yet to study much of it)
-physics report on oscilloscope jikken (need to be handed in the week the school opens but not even a single word are done)
-chemistry jikken report (on what i've already forgotten)
-and i also brought much books which i intended to work on but seems they still remain untouched

hohoho, feigning ignorance is sure a bliss

oh, and for this coming week is fully booked with other more interesting stuff, where should i sneak in these?

and today i experienced something that made me realized how tiny the world that i know of. amidst this whole world, the part within my understanding is just a speck from them all. despite that, i'm still idling away, continuing to be in the oblivion while knowing it just gonna cause me harm. this feeling of insecurity is really unsettling.


zaty said...

jgn risau jgn risau,,
kita serupa~;D
huahua sadly though

ayesya-cecA said...

bru terigt ade homework demki kairo~~~
adeii =.="