Friday, December 4, 2009


so, it's tomorrow huh?

yea, for us, it's quite a big thing, the japanese language proficiency test. so, i'm praying all of us could make it safe thru this ordeal. ummm, it'll be a wonderful thing be everyone of us pass this year.

i'm hoping for that.

and today, despite having a compulsory gamelan practice, i opt returning home. i do have reason - family matter-a wedding of a relative of mine (which i barely remember who). i'm sorry to myself if giving such a stupid-ass reason to slack off made me worse as a person, but just let it be. i haven't been home since... a week ago. :P

more about today, we kinda have a rare bro&sis hangout :P. we went to alamanda to watch ninja assasin.

my review : not much substance in the story while the actions do take ur breath away or orally extract the liquids from inside were u weak towards super bloody scene.

to change the subject, for i haven't updated for the last few days, actually quite a lot of significant things occurred. umm, what can i say here is i'm so grateful to the people around me. they've made me happy, so happy and delighted. i love them all!!

but now, for some particular reason, my guilty-conscience seems to win over. gotta do something to fix this... ok, i'll let my complex brain do the thinking

and now looking forward to tomorrow~~~~~~~~ yea, gonna eat all i want!!

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