Monday, December 28, 2009

it's yet to come

when i'm fully convinced the thing that i've been anticipating all this while will actually be in my hands today, it was a wait in vain.........

hmmmm, really am looking forward to it. just means i have to be patient a bit longer. just why don't you appear today, oh DHL??

it has been a long time since i last write in nihongo. i usually use the reason of having nihongo exam drawing near, only then i would be writing in nihongo. true, now in the middle of holiday, my usage of nihongo has significantly decreased. even last week was majorly filled with korean dramas.

oh my, should i work on my nihongo too on top of the abundance of other subject which homeworks ceaselessly haunt me. not like i have any real interest of tending to them in reality. it only worries the hell out of my head.

but today, i've made a little improvement! i actually void of oversleeping and i was doing math. that's quite a sursprise. thanks to my friend who invited me to her house so i could take a look on my real obligation for the first time since holiday started.


though what was done along the 5 hours there was only 2 basic questions on diagonalization (do i translate this right from taishokuka?) i've already forgotten what the heck was that and as to how to get it. so i had to make the review from the beginning from the eigen value/vector and all. a tinge of satisfaction wass felt. but then the moment when i stop came real quick coz i didn't even go past question no 3 where symmetry matrix is concerned.

i'll do it later when my mood strikes again.

so then, may i continue my ramble on my fascination then? hehehe. actually, yesterday i was quite delighted when the lyrics of the song from their (you know who) newly-released album are all up on the net already. from their concert in budoukan, there included some of these new songs and like usual, to actually catch what ryuuta (as well as kazuki in one of the songs) is singing is a challenge i've yet to overcome. so, with the help of these lyrics, i thought i could at least get a clue of what they want to convey.

so, here's why i suddenly pop up the matter of nihongo earlier in this post.

ryuuta, just why u have to create such lyrics so hard for me to understand??

anyone could be bothered to be of help? hmmm, the following song caught my interest particularly

タイムカプセル (作詞:山村隆太 作曲:阪井一生)

この街はジオラマ 詰め込まれた箱の中
傷つけるのが他人(ひと)? それとも癒すのが他人(ひと)?

絵文字のハートの数 信じて待ちぼうけた駅
掴めたと想う瞬間(とき) すり抜ける

人はひとりじゃ 泣くことしかできないけど

胸焦がした 恋の終わりも
ひとりじゃない そう想えた
少年の誓いを詰め込んだ カプセル

覗き込む鏡に 書いてはない…けど
奏で合うギターで わかりあったりハズしたり

思い出し笑い かみしめる幸せよ

喜びなら きっと倍になって
夢は それぞれだけど
肩組んであの日と同じ誓い 抱いて

あの晴れた日 木陰に埋めた

喜びなら きっと倍になって
ひとりじゃない そう想えた
少年の誓いをこの絆を 抱いて


zaty said...

iman!you download 'my girl' x?the one which got aiba in it,

snylo said...

for the earlier episodes, i only stream them online. tgh2 tu my sis ader dl sket pastu sambung tgk stream online :D

zaty said...

huahua yeah?
which episode yg your sis dh download?^-^

snylo said...

4-6 i guess, interested?

zaty said...

totally!copy tau,,nk nk^-^